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A french Classic Green Peppercorn recipe that you will want to drizzle over your entire plate

Updated: Mar 21

What is a green peppercorn finishing sauce anyways? And why do I want to eat it?

That is a really great question with such a complicated and easy answer. Of course you want to eat it-it’s delicious! A green peppercorn finishing sauce is essentially a culinary sauce made with peppercorns as the cream in the recipe reduces over time.

Our Classic Green Peppercorn sauce goes really well with steak and other red meats. We have also had others tell us they made pasta dishes or chicken with this green peppercorn sauce. And we can’t forget that this sauce is so delicious with any kind of vegetable or potato.

What are the ingredients in this Classic Green Peppercorn gourmet finishing sauce?

The two main ingredients are heavy cream and peppercorns of course. Nicely complementing those flavors is some dijon mustard, white wine, beef stock, and other delicious flavors like onion and garlic.

Remember, there isn’t much that you have to do to prepare this gourmet finishing sauce. We have sourced the high quality, all natural ingredients so you don’t have to spend the time to. Just open the package, and either pour into a microwave safe bowl, or saucepan and heat for 1-2 minutes on the stove or 30-60 seconds in the microwave.

Just drizzle over your favorite cut of steak, and Voila! You have a gourmet meal any night of the week in less than ten minutes.

Below is a delicious recipe that you can make any night of the week, not just Wednesday.

Elevated Wednesday night: Steak, Sautéed Sweet Potatoes, and Spinach

Serves 2


  • ¾ lb Steak: We chose Choice skirt steak but your favorite will work just as well.

  • Potatoes: We used one sweet potato

  • One big handful of fresh spinach

  • 1 tsp butter

  • Olive oil

  • Salt and pepper

  • Le Sauce & Co, Classic Green Peppercorn finishing sauce

  • Extra delicious add ons:

  • 6 Tiny tomatoes

Prep Ingredients & Kitchen equipment:

  • If you are cooking a thicker steak like a Strip or Fillet. Pre-heat over to 400

  • Equipment:

  • One large skillet, preferably a cast iron.

  • Tongs

  • Sweet Potato: Wash the potato

  • Poke holes in the potato with a knife or fork

  • Microwave on each side for 3 minutes (6 min total)

  • Set aside

  • Take fresh spinach out of the fridge

  • Season steak with a pinch of salt and pepper

  • Extra delicious add ons: take tiny tomatoes out of the refrigerator


  1. Warm skillet pan on the stovetop on high heat.

  2. While the pan is warming, cut the potato into smallish cubes (2 X 2).

  3. When the pan is hot (not scorching hot) add butter and steak. Cook for 3 min each side for medium-rare.

  4. Take the steak out of the pan and place it on a plate to rest for 7 minutes.

  5. Warm Classic Green Peppercorn finishing sauce in a small pan on low or micro per directions

  6. In the still-hot pan add about one tablespoon of olive oil and potatoes, stirring for about 4 minutes. Season with a pinch of salt and pepper and take out of the pan and place on the same plate as the resting steak.

  7. In the same hot pan, add 1 tablespoon of olive oil and a BIG handful of fresh spinach. Season with a pinch of salt and pepper, toss with tongs for 60 seconds and it is done. If you opted for the tiny tomatoes, add them to the pan 10 seconds before the spinach

  8. Plate, sauce and enjoy.

Fun Fact: One of Chef Kyle’s biggest inspirations and teacher in cooking and designing delicious recipes include Tyler Florence from the Food Network. You can find his recipe for his green peppercorn sauce here.

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