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Le Glossary

Updated: Mar 21

Finishing Sauce: Whether topping off your completed dish or blending in just before serving, finishing sauces make every meal better—from red meats, veggies, chicken and pork to seafood and grains. Better yet, they can unify each separate element on your plate, transforming them into one cohesive meal.

Deliciousification: The transformation that takes place to a meal by an act or addition whereas the meal is elevated to a state of Deliciousness.

Deliciousify: The act of making a meal mouth watering which would otherwise be a OK.

Deliciousness: Pleasing especially to the taste

Saucetastic: A description of a sauce that is very yummy or fantastic

Saucealicious: A Sauce that is Delicious

Saucesome: Awesome sauce

Sauceify: The act of adding a delicious sauce to a meal

Mole-ed: What happens after food has been anointed by a delicious mole sauce.

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