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Ravioli with Tomato Beurre Blanc that will make your mouth water

Welcome back to the table!

We hope you had a great New Year filled with great friends and family, as well as some delicious food! We love any time that we get to spend with family and friends and make them some great food. (Usually with some Le Sauce) We always end up having such a great time talking and playing games after a filling dinner and dessert. We haven’t made it all the way to midnight in a very long time-kudos to you if you were awake when the time changed from 2022 to 2023. We can hardly believe that another year has flown by. And we know that this year will go by just as fast. And that is why we want to make even more delicious food for us and our loved ones. We know that when good food is served at the table, there is usually some great conversation that follows the “Oh, this is so delicious” and “I could eat this everyday.” We stay at the dinner table longer, and we get to know one another's lives even more than we already do. Life feels like it has slowed down a bit and we can let out our breath and feel comfortable around our family and friends.

Food plays such a huge role in our lives. Not only do we eat three meals and some snacks every day, but food creates so many memories like I just mentioned. Maybe it’s your grandma’s recipe that you make with her every Thanksgiving or Christmas time of the year. It could be your recipe that you want to pass down to your kids because your mom passed it down to you. Whatever the reason, food can have such an emotional connection to who we are and what we make to eat.

One of our favorite wintertime or cold season recipes to make is warm pasta or ravioli with our Tomato Beurre Blanc sauce. And so that is what we will be talking about today. This nice light and briny tomato sauce is unlike most tomato sauces. It is still sweet and savory, but because it has capers in it, there is a little tang to it as well. There are some people who are sensitive to this taste and so we have heard that this is not their favorite sauce. Our Le Sauce family on the other hand? We love it! This tomato beurre blanc sauce pairs so nicely with so many different dishes! Salmon, purple rice, broccoli, ravioli, pasta, crab, bread and more!

Today we are going to go through our recipe of Tomato Beurre Blanc with ravioli, peas and optional shrimp or crab or both!

We knew that this group of food was going to be delicious before we ever even made it for the first time. After we did, I think we made it at least once a week for a few months. That is how delicious this is! Of course, we like ravioli with cheese, or spinach and mushrooms. Any of those combinations are absolutely delicious. Of course, if you are not the biggest fan of ravioli, you can always substitute the ravioli for regular pasta-it will still taste super delicious!

Tomato Beurre Blanc, Ravioli & Lump Crab


  • Ravioli (cheese): We like to use refrigerated ravioli but frozen is also good, It is really your choice.

  • Lump Crab: Found this in the seafood department usually. A great ingredient that is fully cooked and ready to eat.

  • Salt for pasta water

  • Le Sauce & Co, Tomato Beurre Blanc finishing sauce

  • Extra delicious add ons. These add-ons will add 1 minute to your cook time.

  • Frozen Peas: 1/2 handful per person

  • Chopped Italian Parsley

Prep Ingredients & Kitchen equipment:

  • Take out two pans

  • One for pasta: 4 qt pan or slightly bigger

  • One sautee or fry pan

  • For Pasta: Add water to a pan and bring to a boil. (about 4-5 min)

  • Ravioli: Take out of fridge or freezer

  • Lump Crab: Take out of the refrigerator and open.

  • Extra delicious add ons:

  • Frozen Peas: Take out 1 handful and place them on a plate that you will use later to plate.

  • Italian parsley: Chop a small portion


  1. Boil water, add salt

  2. Set timer for 4 min or however long your ravioli indicates to cook

  3. Turn on sauté/fry pan to medium heat and add Tomato Beurre Blanc sauce, stirring while ravioli cooks. Extra delicious add ons: If you choose to add peas, please add them to the sauté pan when you add ravioli. Add chopped parsley to the plated dish.

  4. When the timer goes off, Add drained ravioli to sauté pan, stir gently for two minutes

  5. Enjoy!

We hope you enjoy this dish as much as we do!

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