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-   ABOUT US  -


We want to share joy through delicious food

In the Le Sauce & Co. kitchen, we believe cooking and sharing food is about family, love, comfort, and enduring friendships. Gathering together over great meals, lingering over every bite and conversation, is unifying. That’s the sauce of life!

Le Sauce & Co. was created to unify your shared food experiences, the perfect finish — adding layers of flavor that complement, and earn compliments. We’ve made it easy to delight palates, discover new cuisines, and make memories with every meal. It’s our pride. Enjoy.

We are a family owned business

Kyle and Lori Kirl started this business in 2019, brought on their daughter Maya in 2021, and added their son-in-law in 2022. Le Sauce & Co. is a family run business, and we believe that’s part of what makes us special. We know the joy of sitting together at the table and enjoying a good meal together. We hope that our gourmet sauces can help give you that happiness too.

LeSauce & Co is an entrepreneurial women-owned family business. In 2019 we prepared for a launch into brick-and-mortar retail with participation in HEB’s (a Texas grocery retailer) new product discovery contest named “Quest for Texas Best”. Out of 800 entry submissions, Le Sauce & Co. was selected as a top 20 finalist where we then participated in a Shark Tank like pitch session in August 2019. Despite not winning the contest we did win a spot on the shelf at HEB Beginning in January 2020. 

We are now available in Walmart, Kroger, Target and HEB, so you can find us at your local grocery store. Our purpose is to bring people together through food by making deliciousness accessible and easy. When the food is really good people spend more time together gathered around the table. We seek to be good stewards of the resources we have been given and to be generous with our people and communities. 


We love our customers and welcome your feedback and suggestions. If there is ever a recipe you would like to see on our recipe page, or you would like to learn more about the history and deliciousness of our gourmet finishing sauces, please let us know!


Sustainability is Important to us

We use flexible packaging because of the sustainability it provides compared to using glass jars. Not only is there less breakage, decreasing food and product waste, flexible packaging also has 70% less of a carbon footprint than glass jars. We are committed to making sure we utilize a more sustainable approach whenever possible for Le Sauce & Co.

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