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Got a Hodgepodge In the Fridge? Change it up!
White Wine Lemon Garlic Shrimp,
Pasta & Sweet Peas
Steak with Roasted Poblano Polenta &
Blistered Tomatoes
Roasted Chicken & Vegetables 
("Low prep time, longer cook time, and worth the wait!”)
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Seared Scallop Appetizer with
White Wine Lemon Garlic Sauce
Common Leftover
Suggestions & Inspirations

​Think leftovers are boring? Not any more! 

  • Throw everything in a bowl, add sauce, warm it, and eat it. Yum!

  • Leftover Chicken ideas: if you are like us, we always seem to have extra cooked chicken in the refrigerator. Mixing it up with different sides that we find and a sauce always ends up better than we thought.

  • Leftover Salmon: some folks do not like leftover fish. Neither do we! But if you happen to have a little left over, just add sauce, and warm it up with other sides that you find in your fridge. Transformed!

  • Leftover Steak: change it up by trying a Mole de Puebla or Roasted Poblano & Garlic and you will have a treat for lunch or dinner.

  • Leftover Veggies are great with rice or pasta and sauce of your choice. So easy and delicious!

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Elevated Wednesday Night:
Steak with Sauteed Sweet Potatoes & Spinach
Lamb chops on plate with CGP hero.jpeg
Lamb Chop Appetizer with
Classic Green Peppercorn Sauce
Tomato Beurre Blanc, Ravioli & Lump Crab
Mole de Puebla, Grilled Pork Chop,
Grilled Zucchini & Sauteed Potatoes

Freezer Tips: always keep this stuff on hand. Weeknights are always so busy and most of the time we are just throwing something together at the last minute or doing a leftover makeover. But that doesn't mean that we settle for anything less than delicious. We always have the following on hand for those nights that we want to get something on the table fast.

  1. Frozen sweet peas: Brighten up any meal and pair with almost everything. Just defrost and serve. Easy way to get some veg in!

  2. Frozen sweet corn: Easy way to get some veg in and delicious in so many things when you just want a little sweet to offset something spicy.

  3. Frozen broccoli: Warms quickly in the microwave and is packed with more vitamins than most “fresh broccoli”. (Why does it have more vitamins you ask? When they freeze veggies, they pick the crop when it's perfectly ripe, and then it is flash-frozen within 24 hours. Fresh veggies are picked before they're ripe and then transported to your local grocer which takes 1-3 weeks. Veggies max out on nutrients when ripened on the vine, stalk, or stem.)

  4. Frozen raw shrimp: defrosts fast in warm water and then cooks quickity split and pairs well with lots of options. Great source of lean protein and not expensive (we buy ours at Costco).

  5. Frozen bay scallops:  defrosts fast in warm water and then cooks quickity split and pairs with well with lots of options. Great source of lean protein and not expensive (we buy ours at Costco).

  6. Crusty baguette bread. We always have this in stock. You can buy great quality frozen bread without a bunch of preservatives. #BreadIsLife

-  Extra Deliciousness  -

Need more inspiration? Start with one of these amazing recipes from sites that we love, add some #saucealicious* and enjoy! 
*We have included a complementary LeSauce suggestion next to each link, but choose your favorite! 

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Sauce: All sauces will work with any of the homemade noodles


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Sauce: Roasted Poblano & Garlic …. to dip ( yum)

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Sauce: White Wine Lemon Garlic or Roasted Poblano & Garlic 

Baked Chicken Meatballs (meal or app) - Smitten Kitchen


Sauce: Mole De Puebla or Roasted Poblano & Garlic 

Finger Lakes Chicken - Food 52


Sauce: White Wine Lemon Garlic


Baked Chicken breast - Feasting at Home


Sauce: White Wine Lemon garlic

Homemade Shake n Bake: Chicken or Pork chops - Modern Proper


Sauce: White Wine Lemon Garlic, Mole De Puebla or Roasted Poblano & Garlic

Air Frier Chicken strips - Jo Cooks


Sauce: Roasted Poblano & Garlic or White Wine Lemon Garlic

Fried Chicken - The Stay at Home Chef


Sauce: White Wine Lemon Garlic

Roasted Turkey Breast - Foodie Crush


Sauce: White Wine Lemon Garlic or Mole de Puebla 


Grilled salmon skewers - What's Gabby Cookin


Sauce: Tomato Beurre Blanc or White Wine Lemon Garlic

Fish Sticks - The Recipe Critic


Sauce: White Wine Lemon Garlic, Tomato Beurre Blanc or Roasted Poblano & Garlic

Veggie Tacos - Ambitious Kitchen


Sauce: Mole de Puebla


Ground beef Tacos - Brown Eyed Baker


Sauce: Mole de Puebla or Roasted Poblano & Garlic

Air Fryer Pork Tenderloin - Spend with Pennies


Sauce: Mole De Puebla or Classic Green Peppercorn

Baked Pork Chops - Inspired Taste


Sauce: Classic Green Peppercorn, Roasted Poblano & Garlic, Poblano or Mole de Puebla

Roasted Leg of Lamb - Damndelicious 


Sauce: Classic Green Peppercorn